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Things to Look Out for while Vintage Car Storage

Owning vintage cars can be seen as a matter of pride for many. However, safety of your priceless car, when you go on a vacation, can be a tormenting thought. Don’t panic! your apprehensions can be well taken care of if you avail vintage car storage facilities.  While the very thought of a slight damage to your vintage car can be a nightmare, professional storage service providers ensure that utmost care is taken by a team of skilled mechanics and keep it in its pristine best.

What you should be looking for while keeping your car for storage?

Choose the storage that is right for your car. Although outdoor storage can be seen as a common preference, it is not a very good option for vintage cars though. They need special attention. Indoor storage gives you extra security plus shelter from the sun and weather. Climate-controlled vehicle storage is often the best option for vintage cars. Ensure that the indoor auto storage space is dry, to prevent rust caused by damp air. Tip: only use a car cover if you are storing your vehicle outdoors.

Fill the gas tank completely. This is done to avoid moisture that can accumulate in an empty or low tank. This is also a fantastic way to avoid rusting of the tanks. Include a fuel-stabilizing additive to stop oxidation of the gasoline – the stabilizer prevents the gasoline from becoming sticky while in storage. Change the oil and filter.

Take care of your tyres. If you are storing your car for a short time, inflate the tyres to the correct pressure. For longer periods of vehicle storage, place the car on jack stands to relieve the pressure of the car’s weight on the tyres. Consult your owner’s manual or a mechanic on where to place the jack stands. Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual if you are preparing for cold weather vehicle storage.

If you are in Cambridgeshire and looking for vintage car storage, you may look for Auto Car Storage. They are the experts in the field and will keep your car in the best condition. So, before you spend sleepless nights for your vintage car while you are away, call us. We will be more than happy  to answer all your  vehicle storage queries.