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The Ultimate Guide to Store a Classic Car in Cambridgeshire

If you are a collector of cars, you should also know how to take care of them. Vintage cars need extra care. Just buying a car is always not enough. You should also think about its storage and maintenance. If you are looking for a company that would take care of your vintage cars in your absence, then Auto Car Storage is what you are looking for. With years of experience under their sleeves, they have outlets for classic car storage in Cambridgeshire. They are one of the leading companies that offer safe storage facilities for their customers.

But before you settle down with the best car storage company, you should take a look at a few tips for taking care of a classic car:

1. Storage facility

The first step to taking care of classic cars is looking for a storage facility. The storage facility should be weather-proof. Even if you do not have an in-house garage, you could easily hire a ‘drive-up’ facility. In other words, you can drive your car and store it in the classic car garage. This way, you would be able to inspect the facility personally. A garage with brick walls is a good option. Bricks do not let moisture seep in. It will also protect the cars from harsh sunlight. Another great option is renting a space in private buildings. You might have to spend a certain amount to get the place fixed according to your specifications. But, such expenditure is better than unnecessary expenses on repairing parts of the car. 

2. Check the tyres

Keeping the car flat on its tyres is not a favourable position. It could flatten the tyre over time. It is advisable to park the car on a pedestal. You could keep bricks at the edge of the tyres to keep it off the ground. Another step that deems to be mandatory is washing the tyres before storage. You should wash the tyres and dry them accordingly. 

3. Washing the car

Apart from washing the tyres, you should also invest in washing the exterior. The exterior should be polished and waxed properly. All dents should be repaired before the car is ready for the storage facility. Such steps are necessary to ensure the longevity of the car. Storing a dirty car is not a preferable option. The accumulated dirt could tamper the look of the car. Sometimes, a stubborn stain could spoil the look of the car.   

4. Windows 

The windows of the car should be kept slightly open. Keeping all the windows closed might result in a foul smell. Therefore, natural ventilation is a necessity. You might use a car freshener before storing the car until next summer. 

5. Battery

Before storing the car, you should remove the battery. Keeping the battery attached to the car might ruin the quality. If you are storing your car in a different facility, you should not risk keeping your battery attached to the car. Thefts can happen anytime. Even though the facility guarantees you utmost security, you should always be prepared for all kinds of situations. 

Last but not the least, you should research every aspect of classic car storage in Cambridgeshire. However, if you are considering a reliable company, Auto Car Storage would be a great option. You can visit their website to have a look at the services they offer. Call them today on their given numbers to get free quotes on their services.

3 reasons why you should use Classic Car Storage services today!


Who does not love their car? But what about when you have to leave the town for a period of time and leave your car behind? Who will take care of your car? You do not have to worry about it anymore! Classic Car Storage is here for you! A car storage service is designed to take care of your car when you are not there and to keep your mind at ease that your car is stored in a safe and secure place. The car needs to be regularly taken care of, especially when you are not here. At Auto car Storage Company we make sure that your car is taken care of in the best possible way and will keep it safe ready for you to collect it.

The benefits of classic car storage are as follows:

  • It is obvious that your car is one of your most loved possessions. It is always important to make sure that your car is kept in the best possible condition and is kept safe and secure while you are out of town. This is where the service of car storage comes into play. The professionals at Auto car Storage, are experts at keeping the cars in the best condition.
  • When you go away on holiday, it is important that your car is kept locked away so that there is no risk of break-ins or no risk of any damage being caused to your car. Car storage will be very helpful for you because the car will be kept in a secure place and will be looked after ready for your return.
  • Along with offering car storage, Auto car Storage also provides Detailing Cars. This will make your car more attractive.

    The Auto car Company is one of the most reliable and efficient classic car storage service providers in the Cambridgeshire region. Our professionals are skilled at keeping your car shining and in perfect condition!