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A Quick Guide To Select The Right Vehicle Storage In Cambridgeshire

When people have to find a storage space for keeping their car safely, they find it a complicated task. Since this is the first time, they have to do such a thing, it becomes more difficult for them. Some of them take suggestions from their friends and family members. While others just park their automobile into a vehicle storage centre in Cambridgeshire just like that. They don’t even try to find out about the reputation of the centre.

If you are also looking for a storage centre where you can keep your car for a few days, weeks or months then there are few things you should do. The first thing is that you need to understand what vehicle storage is. Next, you have to look for the options you have. Then depending on the budget, you have to select the storage centre where you can park your car. You also have to find the facilities which you will get at the car storage centre in Cambridgeshire. For parking your car if you are looking for a safe space, then the Auto Car Storage company can be your destination. You can visit and check the automobile storage space of this company before making any decision.

What is Vehicle Storage?

Vehicle storage is a kind of self-storage space that is carefully designed for automobile owners to park their vehicle safely as long as they want. It is very much similar to a garage which you can rent as per your need and requirement. The different centres offer different kinds of facilities and benefits. This is the reason why the price of all the centres varies. There will also be differences in the price depending on the unit which you will select to park your vehicle. 

Types Of Car Storage Centre

There are mainly four different types of car storage in Cambridgeshire such as covered parking spaces, uncovered parking spaces, shared indoor units and personal enclosed units. Therefore, it is crucial for you to choose the one which suits your car storage needs.  

Type Of Storage Space You Should Rent

To decide which type of automobile storage space you should select, a simple thing you need to understand is that each type has its benefits and drawbacks. So, you need to check the facilities which have been offered to you and at what price. 

Things You Need To Do

Before parking your car at the storage centre of your choice there are few simple things which you need to do. The first one is cleaning it thoroughly from inside and out. Next is you should check the condition of the different parts of the vehicle and if there is any kind of repair work needed then you need to do it. You should remove all the important documents from your vehicle such as the paper of the car, driving license, permit, etc. before parking it. Once you have done it and parked your car at the vehicle storage centre in Cambridgeshire, don’t forget to take the papers from them. It should be mentioned the date and time when you have parked the vehicle, the condition of the car, both inside and out, the colour of your car and seat cover, make and model, etc. 

Auto Car Storage is a reputed company where you can park your automobile without any worry. This Vehicle Storage centre in Cambridgeshire is well established and renowned for taking better care of the cars than its owners.

Things to remember before you give your car to a covered car storage 

Depending on the covered car storage you use, you can keep your car safe while you are not using it. This is especially handy for those in the military who are stationed overseas, or for people taking temporary work where a car is not needed. If you need to put your car in a storage while you are away, it’s important to make sure the automobile is prepared before you leave it with the facility. Here are a few things to remember as you get your car ready.

1) Make sure all valuables are removed. Don’t risk leaving something like all your CDs or a removable MP3 player in your car. Even though you’re stowing the car, you never know what will happen while you’re away. Clean out the car as much as possible before leaving.

2) Wash the car inside and out. Give your auto one last, good wash and wax, and use cleaners to treat the seats, floors, and dash. Make sure the interior is dry before closing the windows – you may wish to keep a box of baking soda in the front for freshness. Make sure the windows and sunroof (where applicable) are closed.

3) Change the oil and fill the tank. Your first inclination may be to deliver the car with as little gas as possible, since you won’t be using it. Actually, when an empty tank sits for a long time, moisture can accumulate and eventually cause problems. It’s a good idea to properly lube and fuel your car – it keeps it in good working order and it’s ready to drive away when you come home.

4) Use a car cover. For added exterior protecting, a cover that fits the car well can help preserve the shine.

Lastly, choose a storage rental facility that offers high security for cars. If you live in an area prone to theft, you’ll want to keep your car secure from the elements so it’s in safe hands when you come home.

If you are in Cambridgeshire and looking for covered car storage or detailing cars, you can check Auto Car Storage. They are one of the most renowned companies in the UK with years of experience in the business. If you have any car related queries, do give us a call today.

A check list for Car storage

One of the common apprehensions that a car owner has, is the safety and maintenance of the car, especially in his absence. After all, your car is a valuable property and you want nothing but the best when it comes to taking care of it while you are away. Whether you need to park your car for a couple of weeks, or for a month, a good car storage facility is what you need. While car storage might still be an uncommon concept, adequate knowledge on the options that one has at hand will always make you choose the best for your valuable possession.

Prioritise your requirement when you talk about car storage. While outdoor car storage is a favorable option when it comes to fitting into your budget, it is to be remembered, that as the name suggests, these are open spaces around the storage facility buildings and without any roof. When the storage is over a longer period of time, this might not be a wise choice as exposure to rain, snow and heat can do more damage to your car than any good. What you need to rather consider here is either a covered car storage facility or more aptly, an indoor car storage unit. Choosing a climate-controlled facility will ensure that your car is not threatened by extreme environmental damages and is well protected against dirt and dust.

To make things easy for you, below is a checklist that will guide you in doing things right for your prized possession:

  1. Keep your car clean and covered. This will prevent accumulation of dust on the vehicle with no adverse impact on its efficiency.
  2. Batteries lose charge. Remove the battery and use a Battery Trickle Changer instead.
  3. Ensure that your tank is full to avoid rust. An empty tank allows moisture to seep in otherwise.
  4. Using fuel additive in the tank makes sure that the gas stays ready for use afterwards and does not clog up the carburettor and injectors.
  5. Have your car thoroughly checked for fluid levels, wiring, hoses and plugs.
  6. Make sure, the tyres have adequate air pressure as they go flat over time, especially if stored on the ground.
  7. Add lubricants to the door locks and hood latches; a graphite based, dry lubricant is the best option.

When it comes to protecting your car, the stakes are really high because it is almost like taking care of your baby. The best ones to know the need of your car and treat them like their own when you are away, are the experts at Auto Car Storage. Based out of Cambridgeshire, we have been acclaimed as the most trusted name in the business. Let us serve your car, because it deserves nothing but the best.