A check list for Car storage

One of the common apprehensions that a car owner has, is the safety and maintenance of the car, especially in his absence. After all, your car is a valuable property and you want nothing but the best when it comes to taking care of it while you are away. Whether you need to park your car for a couple of weeks, or for a month, a good car storage facility is what you need. While car storage might still be an uncommon concept, adequate knowledge on the options that one has at hand will always make you choose the best for your valuable possession.

Prioritise your requirement when you talk about car storage. While outdoor car storage is a favorable option when it comes to fitting into your budget, it is to be remembered, that as the name suggests, these are open spaces around the storage facility buildings and without any roof. When the storage is over a longer period of time, this might not be a wise choice as exposure to rain, snow and heat can do more damage to your car than any good. What you need to rather consider here is either a covered car storage facility or more aptly, an indoor car storage unit. Choosing a climate-controlled facility will ensure that your car is not threatened by extreme environmental damages and is well protected against dirt and dust.

To make things easy for you, below is a checklist that will guide you in doing things right for your prized possession:

  1. Keep your car clean and covered. This will prevent accumulation of dust on the vehicle with no adverse impact on its efficiency.
  2. Batteries lose charge. Remove the battery and use a Battery Trickle Changer instead.
  3. Ensure that your tank is full to avoid rust. An empty tank allows moisture to seep in otherwise.
  4. Using fuel additive in the tank makes sure that the gas stays ready for use afterwards and does not clog up the carburettor and injectors.
  5. Have your car thoroughly checked for fluid levels, wiring, hoses and plugs.
  6. Make sure, the tyres have adequate air pressure as they go flat over time, especially if stored on the ground.
  7. Add lubricants to the door locks and hood latches; a graphite based, dry lubricant is the best option.

When it comes to protecting your car, the stakes are really high because it is almost like taking care of your baby. The best ones to know the need of your car and treat them like their own when you are away, are the experts at Auto Car Storage. Based out of Cambridgeshire, we have been acclaimed as the most trusted name in the business. Let us serve your car, because it deserves nothing but the best.